• Siteco Modario
  • Siteco Modario 24m
  • Siteco Modario 25m


The perfect emergency lighting for the SITECO linear lighting system of the MODARIO® series. All emergency lighting components are integrated in a SITECO module carrier. This fits perfectly into the overall system, both technically and visually.
Three symmetrical and three asymmetrical lenses are available for you to choose from. These are optimised for different installation heights (2 to 30 m).

Two exit sign luminaires with viewing distances of 24 m and 31 m are available for identifying escape routes. Also, two exit sign cubes with viewing
distances of 25 m and 35 m.

Centrally supplied:
Viewing distance: 24 m up to 35 m
Housing material: according to manufacturer
Housing colour: according to manufacturer
Illuminant: LED
Protection degree: according to manufacturer
Insulation class: according to manufacturer
Mounting types: according to manufacturer
Order Number: Siteco