• powerstar


Static battery standby power supply

POWERSTAR is a static battery standby power supply for supplying 1-phase and 3-phase safety-related loads. Depending on the system size, the compact design requires an installation space of only 2 - 8 m². The permanent self-monitoring ensures maximum security.

The system consists of a rectifier, an inverter with electromechanical changeover device, a long-life, high-performance battery and a remote outgoing unit (optional).

If a mains voltage is applied, the loads are supplied from the mains. In the event of failure or reduction of the mains voltage by more than 15 %, POWERSTART switches to battery mode and supplies the connected loads within approx. 3 seconds via the inverter.
On request, the outgoing unit can be extended to include final circuits of the emergency lighting. Contemporary mixed technology (escape route and emergency luminaires in one circuit) with single luminaire monitoring and web-based visualisation is easily possible. The transfer time is 1 second.

As the market leader for battery standby power supply systems, we are the right partner for the project planning, dimensioning and implementation of your emergency power supply.

POWERSTAR is produced to the respective current standards. The system fulfils DIN VDE 0100-560, EN 50171 and EN 50172 and DIN VDE V 0108 Part 100-1.