Low power system

The compact LPS Nano2 was developed especially for single fire cross sections and rental areas. If you want to supply a single fire cross section you don´t need to have an own electrical room.

  • Max. Load: 200VA/1h, 200VA/3h, 85VA/8h incl. 25% aging reserve
  • 2 free programmable switching units for maintained / non-maintained lighting aswell as mixed installations.2 final circuits for each switching unit (1,25A)
  • Line monitoring in standard
  • 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 final end circuits for 230V (AC/DC) 12V battery voltage (DC)
  • Microprocessor controlled function- and duration test
  • Potential-free contacts to display the actual system conditions according to DIN-VDE 0100-56
  • USB-interface to export the logbook
  • Option: Single luminaire monitoring by using addressable modules
  • Option: TCP-IP interface for monitoring and programming