Low power system - Merlin KV2000

KV2000 si a LPS state of the art. It was developed for smaller buildings with several fire sections. This version meets all requirements according to EN 50171, EN50172 and VDE 0108-100.

  • Max. load: 800W/3h, 2000W/1h inkl. 25% aging reserve, switching max. 2000VA
  • 4,8,12,16 or 20 final circuits (each 5A), 230V output voltage AC/DC
  • Line monitoring in standard
  • Free programmable final end circuits for maintained and non-maintained lighting
  • Microprocessor-controlled function- and duration test
  • Programming via computer
  • Logbook funtion included
  • Option: Single luminaire monitoring by using addressable modules
  • Option: Visualization on a computer
  • Optional: IOM‑module
  • Option: Certified fire resistant housing for 30 or 90 minutes
  • Option: Versions of he LPS - load: 500W/3h, 1500W/1h