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The perfect emergency lighting solution for the Nordeon linear lighting system system of the Baldur series. All emergency lighting components are integrated into a Nordeon module support. This fits perfectly into the overall system, both technically and visually. Two escape sign luminaires with recognition ranges of 24 m or 31 m are available for marking escape and rescue routes. There are also two escape sign cubes with recognition ranges of 25 m and 35 m respectively.

A variety of high-performance lenses are available to illuminate escape and rescue routes correctly according to standards. Whichever lens you choose, the illumination of your escape and rescue route complies with the specifications of DIN EN 1838.

System luminaire:
Rechargeable battery luminaire:
Viewing distance: 24 m up to 35 m
Enclosure material: according to manufacturer
Enclosure colour/surface: according to manufacturer
Light source : LED
Degree of protection: according to manufacturer
Class: according to manufacturer
Mounting types: according to manufacturer
Order Number: Nordeon