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Primus P16

The Primus P16 was developed in close cooperation with our customers. The result is an escape sign luminaire that can be opened without tools and has a high degree of protection (IP67) and the highest impact resistance (IK10). The pictograms are not glued on, but placed behind the impact-resistant luminaire cover (protected from the weather). In future, you will find the Primus P16 in football stadiums, parking garages and shopping centres. The way is paved for a new bestseller.

Primus P16
System luminaire:
Rechargeable battery luminaire:
Viewing distance: 26m
Enclosure material: Polycarbonate
Enclosure colour/surface: white
Light source : LED
Degree of protection: IP67 / IK10 (wall) / IK08 (Ceiling)
Class: II
Order Number: P16