• sibelon

Sibelon CPS

Emergency lighting system for AC- and DC-power

  • Max. Load: 150kVA
  • Version20: max. 20 circuit (6,3A each)
  • Version40: max. 40 circuits (6,3A each)
  • Version60: max. 60 circuits (6,3A each)
  • Version80: max. 80 circuits (6,3A each)
  • Output voltage: 230V AC/DC
  • Line monitoring in standard
  • Free programmable final end circuits for maintained and non-maintained lighting
  • Microprocessor-guided function- and duration test
  • Programming via 7" fullgraphic touchscreen
  • TCP/IP interface
  • Logbook function included
  • System communication by LON-BUS
  • Optional: single luminaire monitoring by using addressable modules (without addtional data line)
  • Optional: mixed installation of maintained and non-maintained luminaires
  • Optional: computer visualization