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Sibelon CPS

Emergency lighting monitoring system for AC and DC systems

Max. Load: 150kVAThe SIBELON system is not a central battery system in the classic sense, it is far more than that. It is an emergency lighting system of the latest generation that, for example, does not set any restrictions for the choice of power source. SIBELON adapts to your requirements, and not vice versa.

The power source for safety purposes does not necessarily have to be a battery system, which supplies the loads in the event of a mains failure. This provision of the power can be provided alternatively by an emergency standby power unit. In short: SIBELON is suitable not only for AC but also for DC systems.

Further, within the system, you have the opportunity to combine the power sources. For example, central unit can be supplied from a battery system and the connectedsubstations from an emergency standby power unit.

SIBELON is produced to the industrial standard. It has a processor core made by Wago with Modbus-IP, which enables open interfaces such as BACnet for the provision of system messages to the BCS. This interface flexibility makes the SIBELON system the first choice in large projects.

Another advantage is that only one supply cable from the central unit is required to supply SIBELON substations. This reduces the wiring required and the fire load by 50%.

The SIBELON address module required to monitor the connected luminaires is not only suitable for AC systems but also for DC systems.

All final circuits are pre-equipped for mixed technology (escape route and emergency luminaires in one circuit) and can be loaded by up to max. 815 VA. Communication with the luminaires takes place on the supply line (without additional BUS cable). Each address can be assigned a clear, unique location text to enable a luminaire to be localised quickly and conveniently in case of a fault.

Due to the many advantages compared to a pure CPSsystem, we have given SIBELON a new system description:

Emergency lighting monitoring system for AC and DC systems

The SIBELON system is naturally produced in accordance with the respective current legal standards. TÜV Rheinland has checked and certified the system in accordance with EN 50171. This confirms use of the system for emergency lighting in accordance with DIN VDE V 0108-100-1.