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Merlin Quattro Light

MERLIN QUATTRO Light is a new generation LPS system. Designed to supply exit sign and emergency luminaires of individual fire compartments, in the event of a mains failure, QUATTRO Light supplies all connected luminaires via a compact (low-gasification) 24V battery system.

Despite the 24V battery voltage, QUATTRO Light has a system output voltage of 230V in normal and emergency mode.
Advantages: Gessler emergency lights do not necessarily have to provide the lighting of the escape routes.
You have the possibility of supplying part of the 230V general lighting (e.g. staircase lighting) in emergency mode.

To supply several fire compartments by means of one system, QUATTRO Light is installed in a fire protection cabinet. This combination has a national technical approval (Z-86.2-76) issued by the Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

All final circuits are pre-equipped for mixed technology (escape route and emergency luminaires in one circuit). Communication with the luminaires takes place on the supply line (without additional BUS cable).
Each address can be assigned a clear, unique location text to enable a luminaire to be localised quickly and conveniently in case of a fault.

The monitoring of the general lighting can be ensured by means of MERLIN BUS phase monitors.
In the event of a failure, the emergency lighting for the area concerned is switched on automatically. Each BUS phase monitor can be assigned a unique location test, so that the local normal supply fault can be corrected in a targeted way.

You want visualisation of the system and all connected luminaires? Not a problem.
You can access the complete system via a TCP/IP interface.

QUATTRO Light is produced in accordance with the respective current standard (EN 50171).