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Merlin CPS-System

In the event of a mains failure, the MERLIN CPS system supplies the connected exit sign and emergency luminaires via a battery system. All final circuits are pre-equipped for mixed technology (escape route and emergency luminaires in one circuit) and can be loaded up to max. 650 VA. Communication with the luminaires takes place on the supply line (without additional BUS cable). Each address can be assigned a clear, unique location text to enable a luminaire to be localised quickly and conveniently in case of a fault.

The monitoring of the general lighting can be ensured by means of MERLIN BUS mains monitors.
In the event of a failure, the emergency lighting for the area concerned is switched on automatically. Each BUS mains monitor can be assigned a unique location test, so that the local normal supply fault can be corrected in a targeted way.

Another advantage is that only one supply cable from the central unit is required to supply MERLIN substations. This reduces the wiring required and the fire load by 50%.

The universal MERLIN charging unit allows all standard battery types as the standby electricity source, such as OGIVbattery (sealed lead grid plates), OPsV battery (sealed lead heavy-duty plates) and OPzS battery (closed lead heavy duty plates).

Whether BACnet or Modbus interface. MERLIN transfers the data in the required format.
Voltage-free signalling contacts are naturally included as astandard feature.

You want visualisation of the system and all connected luminaires. Not a problem.
You can access the complete system via a TCP/IP interface. We would be pleased to help you to program your MERLIN CPS system by means of remote access.

The MERLIN CPS system is produced in accordance with the respective current standard (EN 50171).