• Gessler Lumina L01

Lumina 2000/1

Wherever low ceilings pose a problem for the installation of emergency lighting, the Lumina 2000/1 is the preferred solution.

Lumina 2000/1
System luminaire:
Rechargeable battery luminaire:
Viewing distance:
Enclosure material: Polycarbonate
Enclosure colour/surface: white
Light source : LED
Degree of protection: IP 44
Class: I
Order Number: L01


gessler_lumina_2000_1_english_1.pdfData sheet (0.30 MB)
lumina_2000_1.pdfAssembly instructions (0.57 MB)
l01_bohrschablone_1.pdfDrilling template (0.24 MB)
sl_lumina_2000_1_ce_gessler.pdfCE-declaration of conformity (0.96 MB)
gessler_lumina_2000-1_system-leuchte.ldtEulumdatFile (0.02 MB)