• LED-Spot SQ6E

LED-Spot SQ6

Our SQ series belongs to the family of high-performance directional luminaires, which are made of a UV-resistant and colour-fast high-tech plastic.

Equipped with our Quattro lens unit Q1 for extra strong luminosity, the SQ series is ideally suited for illuminating surface and escape routes in accordance with DIN EN 1838.

LED-Spot SQ6
System luminaire:
Rechargeable battery luminaire:
Viewing distance:
Enclosure material: Polycarbonate
Enclosure colour/surface: white
Light source : LED
Degree of protection: IP20
Class: II
Order Number: SQ6


gessler_led-spot_sq5-sq6_eng.pdfData sheet (1.32 MB)
gessler_eg_konfirmation_led-spot_sq6.pdfCE-declaration of conformity (0.18 MB)
led-spot_sq6.ldtEulumdat Files (0.02 MB)