• Gessler IOM230


Switch interrogation module 230 V with integrated BUS phase monitor for MERLIN systems.

The module can be optionally installed in the emergency lighting system cabinet or in the distribution of the general lighting. A unique BUS address is assigned to each module by means of a rotary coder. A location text can be assigned at any time (to enable accurately targeted correction of a local fault in the normal mains supply.

Depending on the programming of the IOM230, either 9 × 230 V hardwired switches or 6 × 230 V hardwired switches + one BUS phase monitor are available to you. The final circuits of your MERLIN system can be switched by means of the 230 V hardwired switches. The integrated BUS phase monitor reports a local mains failure as soon as at least one phase of the normal mains supply falls below the nominal voltage by more than 15 %. The LPS/CPS system now switches on the emergency lighting off the area concerned and supplies the luminaires via the mains.


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