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Tesla Gigafactory

When it comes to putting visionary projects into action in record time, one person is particularly capable of doing so: Elon Musk.

Once again, Mr Musk is in the process of changing our world to realise his vision of electric mobility.

A project of gigantic proportions is currently being built in Berlin-Grünheide. At 729,000 m2, the Tesla Gigafactory will be the most advanced series production facility for electric vehicles in the world.

In close cooperation with the Planungsgruppe M+M AG and the TESLA engineers on site, the latest generation of Gessler emergency lighting systems was (and will be until completion) realised.

In close cooperation with Siteco, the emergency lighting is/was discreetly integrated into the Licross continuous-row lighting system using Gessler emergency lighting inserts.

The sheer size of the project and the associated production quantities, as well as the "just in time" delivery requirement placed on us, demand the highest efficiency from our production facilities.

We are proud to be part of this project and Mr Musk's vision.