Experts for emergency lighting

For the past 45 years, we have worked daily to extend our product range, to improve quality and to forge a real team of employees, now numbering 150.
The Gessler team!

As the second generation of a family-run company, our employees are particularly close to our hearts. It is not self-evident for 14 different nationalities to pursue the same goal together and to do so daily with blood, sweat and tears.

We don’t think in months or years, we think in generations. This corporate philosophy has allowed us to grow, even in difficult times. And we are proud of this.

We are specialists, service providers and problem solvers. But above all, we are the manufacturer of life-saving products. We are aware of this responsibility.

We are also a model for others to follow in a world which increasingly focuses on sustainability. We achieved our goal of “climate-neutral” production in 2018.

We say THANK YOU to all our customers, who like us, believe in Germany as a production location and by using “Made in Rodgau” products, help to ensure that it stays that way.